Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 11.00 am – 5 pm


“unable to progress with a task or find the answer or solution to something;
unable to get rid of or escape from”

The mind, body, emotions, and energy are inseparable. If you are experiencing STUCK-ness in one aspect, most likely you are ignoring the other issues that are helping it stay stuck.  All too often we find ourselves somewhere: in a job, a relationship, a repetitive cycle of stressful emotions, a physical injury that we simply cannot seem to move beyond.

Getting stuck is a pattern in the human experience when we are not in alignment with our truest truth.  This workshop is for those feeling stuck in their career, stuck in their relationships, stuck to their family obligations or simply feeling stuck without knowing why.

Join Johnson, Delphine & Yin Ling in a half-day workshop as we explore different areas of being ‘stuck’ and ways of moving past them & into a new, freer way of being.  We’ll use writing, the inner guidance process, sound & kundalini yoga to help you discover your heart’s truest desires so that you can move into the freedom in life that you deserve.


11 – 12 pm: Intro, Group Work through Wisdom Circle;
12 – 1 pm: Nutritious Raw Lunch Designed to Prepare us to Feel Healthier & Freer;
1 – 2.30 pm: Clarity – Kundalini Yoga to Break Physical, Mental and Emotional Patterns with Live Music by Sound Alchemist Yin Ling;
2.30 – 4 pm: Investigation: Inner Guidance Process to Discover the Authentic True Parts of You;
4 – 5 pm: Integration: How to Release Old Stuck Stories from Our Lives.


For enquiries, please email Delphine Supanya from here.
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