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Friday, June 29, 2018, at 19.30 – 22.00

Full 2.5 Hour Intro, Process, and Integration with 2 Experienced Facilitators.
Limited to 12 Participants.


Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 11.00 am – 5 pm


“unable to progress with a task or find the answer or solution to something;
unable to get rid of or escape from”

The mind, body, emotions, and energy are inseparable. If you are experiencing STUCK-ness in one aspect, most likely you are ignoring the other issues that are helping it stay stuck.  All too often we find ourselves somewhere: in a job, a relationship, a repetitive cycle of stressful emotions, a physical injury that we simply cannot seem to move beyond.

Getting stuck is a pattern in the human experience when we are not in alignment with our truest truth.  This workshop is for those feeling stuck in their career, stuck in their relationships, stuck to their family obligations or simply feeling stuck without knowing why.


13 – 17 June



Delphine and Yin Ling are excited to invite you to join us for 5 Days in Paradise for deep, subtle and fun transformational journey. This dynamic duo brings a synthesis of their extensive tool-belt of integrative tools – with the intention for a restoring, nurturing and transformational time for you. Join us for 5 amazing days of:

  • Returning back to our true nature;
  • Access Innocence and rediscover fun away from stress and technology;
  • Transform old stories into new empowering narratives;
  • Connect, play, release;
  • Create a new perspective for the 2nd Half of 2018 and beyond.


Love letter to self

May 23, 2018

Our bodies and systems listen to all that we say. Our words and thoughts have such a significant influence that we notice significant changes once we are mindful and conscious of the words we use.

Delphine has found that changing the way she talked to herself contributed greatly to self-healing from anything and surpassing any limitations in life. It not only brings back the positive thoughts but also is a great self-love tool.

There are many ways to practice verbal self-love. This is the Love Letter to Self which was provided by one of her teachers, Amara Samata.


Forgiveness prayer

May 22, 2018

One of Delphine’s self-practice exercises is the forgiveness prayer.

She finds it is a very nice way to deal with conflict but also a very nice way to end the day. The prayer is particularly potent when repeated at least 3 times.


Gratitude practice

May 21, 2018

Harvard Medical School research has shown that the more grateful we are, the more we appreciate, the happier we become.

“ I am grateful for … ”

Delphine invites you to start a gratefulness journal where you list, on a regular basis, however often that is for you, the things you are grateful for. Keep your answers/listings short and sweet.


Food prayer

May 20, 2018

Our relationship to food changes when we take the time to consider and honor it as often as we can. The intention we put into each of our actions affects how we live our life.