“Hi there, I am glad you are here, welcome to my world. I invite you to discover your own Inner World and Inner Tools in the most seamless and peaceful manner so that you also get to create the life, you know, deep within, you want to live. My mission is to share beautiful and easy-to-apply tools so that you can improve your life and in turn spread conscious living in your community whilst rediscovering what it is like to be connected with all things, be free from limiting beliefs and occupational stress-related diseases.”


Delphine Supanya

Delphine’s journey

Delphine is a lawyer, consciousness coach and medical intuitive specializing in occupational stress-induced diseases.

Her upbringing as vipassana Buddhist in a French-Thai expat family combined with years of practice in negotiation, mastery of language and deep understanding of human behavior and societal structures enabled her to self-heal from post-stroke paralysis within 6 months. The near-death experience at age 28 made her realize that understanding the intimate connections and communication pathways between mind-body-spirit allowed her to apply her logical-driven mind to finding solutions to any challenge she was facing. The combination of deep exploration of traditional therapies and her pragmatic mind also eradicated 15 years of chronic auto-immune illnesses, infertility, and addiction to painkillers.


Delphine became the change she always wanted to be:

A healthy, happy, vibrant and conscious human on a mission to advocate collective conscious evolution.


Inner Voyage to Realisation

Let go of limiting beliefs
Move forward
Become the architect of your own life

Reconnect with yourself
Heal your body
Connect to the world

Discover the power of your mind
Re-negotiate the terms of your happiness

Inner Voyage Integration

Inner Voyage Integration (IVI) is a self-inquiry tool
that blends the most effective practices of holistic methodologies in a critical
and logic driven method to address limiting beliefs,
physical diseases and causes of unhappiness.

Discover your own personal mindscape and learn to navigate within your own beautiful universe to find answers, enhance existing skills, gain a 360 degree perspective on past and current events and most importantly, re-discover yourself so that you can embrace your true nature whilst being well-equipped to handle the challenges of our busy lives and create the life you want to live.


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“If healing is an inside job, Inner Voyage is an art that gets the job done.”

Rebecca Cappelli, Speaker at Let Us Be Heroes

“The process speaks deeply to the body and allows it to take over in the healing process. Utterly beautiful.”

Deborah Galloway, Choreographer, Director & Movement Director

“A philosophy of life. A living inspiration.”

Laetitia Guyon, Artistic Director

“One of the most direct, effective and accessible approaches to Inner and Outer experiences that I have ever come to experience. Brilliant!“

Yin Ling Ng, Founder of Urban Spirit

“ As a result of one session, all bleeding and complications in my pregnancy stopped.”

Celine, Marketing Communication Manager of a 5-Star Hotel


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  • Lakshmi House Inner Process Night Friday, June 29, 2018, at 19.30 – 22.00

    Full 2.5 Hour Intro, Process, and Integration with 2 Experienced Facilitators.
    In this powerful 90min Process unlike any other, we use Sound, Intuitive Touch and Inquiry to access a highly-engaged Theta/Delta brainwave state.
    Creating deep relaxation while simultaneously rousing the nervous system – this rise/fall creates the opportunity to access a Conscious Dream-like state.

  • Conscious Connection: Exploration Day / Lakshmi House Saturday, June 23, 2018, at 10.00 - 21.00

    Conscious Connection: Exploration Day is an initiative by Lakshmi House to bring more aware and healthy ways to interact and connect with ourselves, each other and our environment. We hope to bring greater nuance and tools to how we can create clearer and more intimate interactions with everything around us, including our food, our environment, our friends, our partners and our families! We aim to run this every month, with different focuses and programs.